Statistical Importance Of A Top SEO Company

The Best SEO Company Statistical Information

As an enlightened small business owner you will realize that your website’s SEO both on and off page is of utmost importance, but what is the statistical value of going down this path? Is there factual evidence of SEO having a positive role to play in a website growing? Is it a dying art? In many cases, SEO has long gone unappreciated by the masses who are in search of immediate results and refuse to look at the bigger picture. Here are five statistics to consider and deliberate over when aiming to determine the value of a SEO company.

15% Increase In Conversion Rate From SEO Traffic

The first statistic to bring forward comes in the form of conversion rates. Most website owners are looking to sell products and/or services and use these landing pages as a means to sell. However, this is easier said than done when the traffic coming in has to be wooed.

The beauty of search engine traffic has to do with a buyer’s mindset already being in place when they come in. This saves time and raises the conversion rate as a whole.

Studies have shown there is a 15% increase in conversion rates once a website is visited through a search engine result.

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Number One Traffic Resource In The World

Search traffic is and will remain the number one resource for website owners. It is one of the most trusted avenues for those who are searching for specific terms and want to make sure they find accurate, up to date information as soon as possible.

In comparison to paid ads, search engine results continue to rank higher and hold more traction in a wide variety of niches. Therefore, all website owners should be placing an emphasis on ranking their site instead of wasting time on other options, which don’t hold as much merit.

60% Organic Traffic Comes From Page One Of Search Engines

The holy grail of all search engine results comes in the form of ‘Page One’. This is the first page, which will pop up when a keyword is typed in. For example, if your website is about acne treatments, you are going to want to rank your site onto the first page of this search term.

60% of all organic traffic ends up coming from this page. One can imagine the power websites on these pages yield in comparison to the rest in their niches.

80% Users Only Focus On Search Engine Results

Search engine results have long been the staple for sites looking to tap into organic pools of traffic. Statistics have shown 80% of all users online rely on search engine results when determining which website to visit. This is in comparison to paid ads, which many website owners spend a ton of money on unnecessarily.

The best part about search engine results is, when done right it is going to last longer than any paid ad ever could. It will also cost less.

Mobile Search Trends Rising

To remain with the times, it is imperative for website owners to understand the value of SEO for mobile traffic. A proven and highly professional SEO company will immediately recognize the power of mobile traffic and how to situate a website to ensure this traffic is organically coming in.

Trends are starting to rise as time goes on with relation to smart phone purchases. There are over a billion smart phones now on the open market. All of this traffic has potential to benefit web owners who are optimizing their sites properly.

A SEO company with years of experience and a substantial portfolio is a must in this day and age. Those who are unable to grasp this reality are behind the times and will get caught out in their niche. It does not matter what niche your website is situated in, if the search engine optimization work being done on it is not up to par, the results are going to be disturbingly poor. It is essential to not only understand search engine marketing, but to make sure it is being carried out by professionals with knowledge. This reduces the time spent on maximizing value for the website and driving in traffic.

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